Ashtabula, OH



The City of Ashtabula is located on Lake Erie’s coastline about an hour between Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA. The name Ashtabula is derived from ashtepihəle, which means ‘always enough fish to be shared around” in the Lenape language.  Ashtabula became an important destination on the Underground Railroad in the middle 19th century and was a major ore and coal port in the late 19th century. Many European immigrants, particularly from Finland, Sweden, and Italy, were attracted to the industrial jobs in Ashtabula in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, Ashtabula is home to over 18,000 residents and a good percentage of residents are descendants of those early 20th-century immigrants!
Peroni Concrete & Trenching is proud to provide a variety of services to those in the Ashtabula community.


If you own a home or commercial property in the Ashtabula area and are searching for an experienced concrete contractor, look no further than the team at Peroni Concrete & Trenching. We are happy to provide free advice, information, and estimates when you are ready to discuss your project! 

We offer services including trenchingexcavating, and concrete work, but we specialize in small to medium size projects. Some of these include patios, sidewalks, porches, steps, driveways, garage floors, shed bases, and so much more. We can also complete foundation additions (slab & crawl spaces) which includes excavating for footers, masonry, concrete and drain work.
We do not require money down, and all payments are due upon completion of a project. For concrete work, give our team a call today!
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